Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where did the Summer Go????

Hi Everyone,

I went on my trip to New Brunswick. I was hoping to see a moose and it did not happen... but, I did get to see the Flower Pot Rocks! I also got a chance to go lobster fishing!  The weather was great and I even went swimming in the ocean.

Enough about my trip. What happened during the Summer you may ask? Tons of stuff at the Lincoln Public Library!

We had Mad Science conduct two programs. Astro was great!  I ran the Spa, Harry Potter and Fairy Programs.  We made bath bombs, learned all about spells in the our Orientation to Hogwarts and even created fairy houses and gardens.  Club Rex came and  Alex gave us a chance to explore fossils and more!

It was a whirlwind of activity!

The It's Wild Summer Reading Club Party happened on Tuesday August 16 for all the Reading Club Participants! The Theme Survivor! We had pizza, pop, sundae bar and cake (Thanks to Sarah). We created sharpie tie dye pillow cases(that sorta worked) and completed the scavenger hunt challenge.

We had 22 Teens & Tweens reading all summer long. In total they read 296 books! Well Done!

Wow! As always I am usually busy setting up and running the programs so I don't have many pictures. I am disappointed I did not get any pics of our Final Reading Club Party!

Here are just a few pics thanks to Megan our Summer Student. Without her, there would be no pictures!

This is Megan!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Gearing up for Summer!

 Hello Everyone,

I will be away from June 18- July 4th. I am going on a trip. Where you may ask? New Brunswick Canada! I can't wait!!!

This means that this week is very busy getting ready for all our Summer Programs. Yikes! I am not ready.

I still have to get the ballot boxes ready for the Adult & Teen Reading Clubs.  Get stuff ready for our first program Spa Science! It will be fun! I can't wait to make bath bombs.

 Blog ya  later!

 If you have any questions about our Summer Programs leave a comment.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Possible Skate Park coming to the Town Of Lincoln

The Town of Lincoln is looking for input about a new skatepark. Please click on the following link to complete the survey.

The link to the survey is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TOLskateparksurvey

Fresh Ink Creative Writing Competition for Teens who live or study in St. Catharins or the Niagara Region!

Creative Writing Competition

Prizes to be won! First prize $100.00 and Second prize $50.00.

Enter your short story or poem today using the attached information!


Come to the library and pick up your copy today!

Blog Ya Later!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Reading!

 Hello Everyone,

I am thinking summer; especially since we are in a heat wave. So what  summer reading do you have planned? Right now I am currently reading the Evil Librarian. So far so good!

Cynthia Rothschild’s best friend, Annie, falls for the new high-school librarian, nothing but a harmless crush. Then Cynthia releases he is no ordinary librarian but something more sinister. Now it is up to her to do something about it.

Leave a comment on what you are currently reading.  Have a great day and stay cool!

Blog ya later!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer is now here or it feels like summer!

How was everyone's long weekend? Mine was pretty good. Just a little freaked out on Sunday. I was outside  loving the weather. I had to run into the house for a second, walked into my living room and saw my cat playing with something. At first I though she attacked another plant, but no, it was a mouse. She was throwing it up in the air catching it. So not good. I don't do well with mice. I like the computer kind only. Needless to say, I got someone else (my husband) to deal with the situation.

This weekend got me thinking of SUMMER!!!

The Summer Program Flyer has been approved and is now available. We have a great summer planned at the Lincoln Public Library.

Registration begins Monday June 20 at both Libraries. If you have any questions please comment or email daley@lincoln.library.on.ca or call Margaret at 905-563-7014.

Have a great day! I hope that I don't have any more mice!

Blog ya Later

Monday, May 16, 2016

What happened this weekend?

Nothing much only that it was freezing in the Niagara Region. I could not believe it, wet snow. I am so glad it did not stay, but really? Where is spring?

We are planning for Summer. I hope it gets a little warmer.  Some of things planned are a Where's Waldo Scavenger Hunt, Tie-Dye, Spa Day and more!

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see happen here at the Library!

Wednesday June 1, I am hoping to have a movie night. So please stay tuned for more information.

As usual , the Library is hosting the Teen Advisory Committee on Thursday June 2 at the Fleming Library. The meeting starts at 3:30pm if you are late that is OK. Just call and let me know at           905-563-7014.

Also, let me know how I can make our meetings more interesting or what programs you would like to see happen at the Library.

I am running  a Pinterest Club for Adults on Thursdays at the Fleming Library. It has been a lot of fun. We created boards. From the boards we chose a craft to do that would last about an hour.  In the summer we will be asking teens if they are interested to join us on Thursdays.

Some of things we have made so far are Kool-aid lip gloss, lemon lime sugar scrub, body butter, book flowers and more.   I am not a crafty person and I am learning to do some interesting things.  I would never of thought of making any of my own body scrubs and butters. It is a lot of fun and I am finding that it is better than some of the stuff you can buy at the store.

I found arm knitting a little challenging. My scarf  did not turn out very good. I will try again next time.

I am not as crafty as I would like to be. I am no Martha Stewart. LOL Well.... maybe one day....

I have found that today has just gone by so fast. Almost time for me to go home and feed my 3 cats. They can be handful.  I had a beautiful Aloe Vera Plant. Just gorgeous. It was pretty old, at least 15 years, I inherited it from someone. It took one night for my cats to discover the plant. They never bothered with it before until that faithful night. My poor Aloe (Ally I name my plants) was shredded.  I was so sad. My one cat Squirt, was the main culprit. The other accomplice was Mouse. I had Aloe Gel all over my carpet. They even buried leaves in their litter. Oh not a dull moment with cats.

On that note,

Blog Ya Later